Vinyl Strip & Seal


Our modern day vinyl is made up from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips that are put together under heat and pressure and formed into sheets or tiles. It can easily be colored or patterned so can fit in very well aesthetically to most situations. It is very hardy and resilient and as such installed in a multitude of work environments including Aged care facilities, Airports, Childcare centers, Doctors, Dentists, Laboratories, Marine applications, Offices, Sports halls, Gyms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Vets, Universities, Libraries and Warehouses to name a few. Vinyl flooring is becoming more popular than ever and the fact that it can now be recycled too is another reason why people are choosing this alternative flooring more and more often.


With the regular and correct cleaning your Vinyl floor should last Years. We recommend the vinyl flooring be swept or vacuumed on a daily basis and mopped regularly to clean away the grime build up. The vinyl flooring should be protected by at least 3 layers of floor sealer, this protects the vinyl and gives it that superb finish. When regular cleaning doesn’t happen over time especially in main traffic areas the vinyl floor can lose its shine and appear rather dull, lack luster and tired. This is when the sealer has become worn away and the vinyl underneath the sealer is starting to get soiled. The fantastic thing with vinyl flooring is that with a “strip and seal” we can bring old tired looking vinyl flooring back to looking like new at a fraction of the cost of installing new vinyl flooring.


Vinyl strip and seal or otherwise known as vinyl restoration is a process we engage when the vinyl flooring has had it’s protective sealing coat worn down over time by heavy traffic and the vinyl flooring looks old tired and the colour has almost disappeared. We want to bring back the freshness and like new condition. That can be achieved using professional methods and equipment. The first stage of this process is to sweep all dust and grit off the floor and create a clean environment to work in. Next we apply a special chemical and with the use of a rotary scrubbing machine we remove the old layers of sealer from the vinyl flooring. This “grime” which is the residue from the stripper and the water we use to clean it as we go is removed using either a portable water extraction machine or a truck mounted water extraction machine. The end result is a vinyl floor which is completely dry and stripped back to its original vinyl state. After this we apply the sealer, we use a minimum of three coats and between each coat we have to wait for the sealer to become absolutely dry. The vinyl floor can be walked upon normally a few hours after the last coat has dried however the sealer reaches it hardest 24-48 hrs after drying. We recommend the longer you can stay off it the better. Once this process has been completed the vinyl flooring looks like new again, bright and colorful and seems to “lift” the room. You will be amazed at the results.

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