Flood Restoration


 Our team is well equipped for any water damage emergency, from the moment you call us we can have a vehicle dispatched to you within 1 hour. From a small flood from an overflowed bath,  to a burst water main we are able to cope with and restore your premises to its original state.
We will asses the situation and check floors and walls for moisture and prepare to extract the water and dry the affected areas.
Extraction of water is done by either portable or high powered truck mounted vacuum machines, to dry the sub floor and carpet we use air movers (powerful fans) and to take away moisture whilst drying dehumidifiers can be placed on site.As the drying progresses we will return to take moisture readings and move the air movers to ensure optimum results.After the drying has been completed we can return and re lay carpet if required and clean the carpets to their original condition. If you need us to assist you with insurance claims we are more than happy to help.
The most common reasons for floods are burst pipes,  fish tanks,  taps left running, gutter overflows, storms, flash flooding, fire sprinklers, toilet overflows, air conditioners leaking and mother nature.
Don’t hesitate to call us on 9400 9395 to discuss any water damage concerns.
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