Carpet Cleaning


Our carpet cleaning experts are able to service your home, office or work place.
We use the latest equipment and safe cleaning solutions to give the most effective results leaving your carpets fresh and hygienically clean.
Using high powered Truck mounted steam cleaning, portable hot water extraction and low moisture encapsulation we have the right choices to suite all local carpet cleaning needs.
When choosing a carpet cleaner make sure they have been trained by a credited institution, have insurance and the correct equipment.
Unfortunately at the moment this industry is unregulated, so there is too many un qualified people out there over wetting carpets and damaging your carpets.
All of our staff have been trained  by Jenna Dyco and have certifications in carpet cleaning, stain removal,carpet fiber identification, carpet cleaning methods,carpet cleaning chemicals and water damage restoration.
The first step of cleaning your carpet is to pre inspect the carpet for wear, stains and overall condition.
We will then pre vacuum your carpets using an upright heap filter vacuum cleaner, after this a cleaning detergent is applied by spray to your carpets.
After allowing the detergent to soak in to the carpet we then steam clean and rinse the detergent out with a acid rinse leaving no residue in the carpet to prevent re soiling.
A refreshing deoderiser is applied to the carpet leaving the carpet smelling wonderful.
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